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Nothing beats an Orlando vacation for me. A trip to Walt Disney World Resorts, the SeaWorld parks, and Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure - it's a dream come true. Throw in dining at nice restaurants and relaxing poolside at a nice hotel - it's what I want most. It's what I deserve.

But I want more than that. I wanna have my cake and eat it too. I want my vacation planning to be quick and easy. I want discounts and perks, and I don't wanna to fight for them. In other words:

I DESERVE the BEST that Orlando has to offer, and I Refuse to pay those outrageous price for it!  

I Am Entitled To Have MORE!

  •     →  I wanna book my entire vacation in less than 2 hours. 
  •     →  I wanna get more days at theme parks than I paid for. 
  •     →  I wanna get discounted meals (and free meals) easily.
  •     →  I wanna get nothing less than a 3-star Orlando hotel room.
  •     →  I wanna get 60% off of my hotel room!
  •     →  I wanna visit 5 or 6 Orlando theme parks for one low price.
  •     →  I wanna get discounted (or free) meals at nice restaurants!
  •     →  I wanna save 50% or more on my entire Orlando trip!

I work hard. I deserve the Best. My loved ones deserve the Best too!

But can I really get the Best that Orlando has to offer without paying ridiculously high prices for it?


I deserve more!

For years I paid way too much money for mediocre service and bad memories. I wasted a lot of time, and went through a LOT of hassle to do it. I got nowhere with some of those customer service reps. They could tell how mad they got me - and they didn't care!

The Orlando Vacation You Deserve!

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Save Way More Time

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Avoid Way More Hassles

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Things I Hate About Orlando Vacation Planning

  •     ∴  Long, annoying, unproductive phone conversations.
  •     ∴  Wasting hours and hours with online research.
  •     ∴  Trying to avoid paying ridiculous theme park parking fees - $15.00 or more per day - everyday.
  •     ∴  Paying more money than I have to for tickets.
  •     ∴  Paying more money than I have to for hotel rooms.
  •     ∴  Paying more money than I have to for food and other activities.
  •     ∴  Missing out on a ride or a theme park because of poor time management.
  •     ∴  Missing out on a theme park or restaurant because of lack of money.

Planning an Orlando trip is a nightmare, especially if you don't know what you're doing! Too many things can go wrong. It took me a long, long time to learn how to get what I want.

There Are Other Ways To Save Money, Time And Hassle, Right?

online websites


I used to think the answer to getting the vacation I want - at the price I want - was to search discount Orlando travel websites. I didn't realize how long a process this was, nor did I realize that the deals weren't much of deals. Worst of all, I didn't know if I was getting the best deal possible. 

Is My Identity Going to Be Stolen?

  •     •  Many of the discount websites offer very similar deals.
  •     •  The discounts may only be $5.00 less than regular prices of theme park tickets or hotels.
  •     •  There are quite a few discount travel websites, many of which I never heard of.
  •     •  Do I trust this website to put in my personal or financial information?
  •     •  If something goes wrong, who do I contact?
  •     •  Am I being scammed?
  •     •  Am I getting the Orlando vacation I deserve at the price I want to pay?

I also found out that the Orlando theme park and hotel resort websites only offer deals if they were having promotions. Promotions are only available during certain times of year, and did not allow substitutions. Disney World Resorts doesn't discount their tickets at all - not even with their packages. 

Now What?

SURPRISE! Getting The Orlando Vacation I Deserve Was Easy!

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I've discovered that creating The Orlando Vacation I Deserve doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be time-consuming. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

The Orlando Vacation I Deserve is the most comprehensive set of tools for easy orlando trip planning.

These tips illustrate how to get the biggest discounts, in the fastest amount of time on:

  •     »  Orlando theme park tickets
  •     »  Orlando Area Hotels
  •     »  Orlando Restaurants
  •     »  Car rentals
  •     »  Airfare 

Armed with the know-how packed within this easy-to-read 4-Volume Set, getting the Orlando Vacation I Deserve is simple. Anybody can do it. 

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You will find no better way to put together a luxurious Orlando getaway at up to 50% or more off of retail value. PERIOD!

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I'm happy

I can always plan my Orlando trips with confidence now. I know how to plan them without wasting too much time. I don't fret over spending too much hard-earned money. I won't have to put up with bad service, or pull my hair out while suffering through mind-numbing research.

Instead, I look forward to eating good food, meeting new people, and doing new and exciting things! Or relaxing and doing nothing at all! Most importantly, I'm going to create fond, long-lasting memories for myself and my loved ones.

You can Too:

  •     ⇒  Book your entire vacation in less than 2 hours. 
  •     ⇒  Get more days at theme parks than you paid for. 
  •     ⇒  Get discounted meals (and free meals) easily.
  •     ⇒  Get nothing less than a 3-star Orlando hotel room.
  •     ⇒  Get 60% off of your hotel room!
  •     ⇒  Visit 5 or 6 Orlando theme parks for one low price.
  •     ⇒  Get discounted (or free) meals at nice restaurants!
  •     ⇒  Save 50% or more on your entire Orlando trip!

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you deserve this

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What does this have to do with an Orlando Vacation?

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