You’re entitled to have MORE – And don’t You ever forget it!

You work hard, and you deserve the best.  The people you care about most deserve the best.

For years I paid way too much for mediocre service and bad memories in Orlando.

I understand now that it's okay to be selfish and greedy.

I work hard and I deserve more.


 A 5-day trip to Orlando is a dream come true from me. Planning a 5-day trip is a nightmare!

Too many things can go wrong, especially when you don't know what you're doing.

Is my identity going to be stolen on these knock-off travel websites? 

  • •  So-called 'discount' websites all look the same to me - who can I trust?
  • •  I'm sure my credit card's gonna be double-charged.
  • •  I'm entitled to upgrades, nicer accommodations and more.
  • •  I thought 'the customer is always right?'
  • •  I hope every one of those scammers steps in front of a runaway bus.
  • •  How come I'm not getting all of those wonderful things that those people got?
  • •  I'll be heading to a few travel websites with a few really bad reviews.

I want to create memories we can share forever . . .

  • •  I want to get away.
  • •  This extra cash I saved opens up a world of possibilities.
  • •  I got a nice room, and 5 days coming to me at the theme parks!
  • •  I'll figure out how to get the best Orlando has to offer.
  • •  We can just hold hands and enjoy much-needed alone time together.
  • •  We're gonna have fun at the parks, then private fun in our room.
  • •  Money is no object when it comes to my family's happiness.

My problem: no faith!

Will my luggage wind up on the wrong plane? And I've seen other guests get special perks. What's so special about them? I work hard too!

I get nowhere with some of these customer service reps. They can tell how mad they get me - and they don't care!

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I'm going to be taking my business elsewhere next time I take this trip!

  • •  I book through travel websites, and I get charged way more than I should.
  • •  No roach-infested hotels in dangerous neighborhoods again, please.
  • •  I deserve way more than what I'm getting.
  • •  These people refuse to give me the special treatment that I deserve!
  • •  I wanna make something bad happen to all of these fly-by-night con artists.
  • •  How come those people get special treatment and upgrades, and I don't?
  • •  This place doesn't wanna cut me a break, so they deserve a little payback!

Today, things are different.

Once I've put together my dream vacation I can say,

"I have a really good feeling about this trip. I know how to plan it without wasting too much time. I'm gonna meet new people, eat good food and do new things! I picked out a show, some wine, with my special someone, and then the real fun begins!"

" . . . it's gonna be awesome - and I deserve it!"

What else about Orlando am I going to love?

  • •  I want to not worry about the job, or the bills or anything.
  • •  I'm confident that I won't pay too much money.
  • •  I'm finally going to Orlando and I get to have a ton of fun!
  • •  I'm hoping to create special moments for you and me.
  • •  I hope this hotel has sound proof walls.
  • •  I'm really looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.
  • •  No sacrifice is too great to make the ones I love smile.

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