AMA WolfWantsHouses – Can You Get Your House Ready To Sell Fast In A Slow Market?

Getting a home ready to sell is never a simple or even fun process. That’s especially true if your house is in a slow market. That means you’re in an area where homes simply do not sell in Sarasota, and that might not be in your favor. However, in some cases, that just might not work for you in certain locations.

There can be many reasons for wanting to get your house ready to sell fast. You might be trying to move to another state or part of the country in time for a job or other event. It’s possible that someone in your family is no longer able to live there or can’t help keep the place up. In most cases, it just happens that maybe you found your next place to live already, and you’re looking to get out of your current property because you’re currently taking care of two homes at the same time, which can be a real budget breaker. That’s not even to mention the stress it adds to the whole moving process!

The first is to deal with any potential dealbreakers, as well as know what features and amenities get snatched up fast in your area. The second is to price the home to move.

In regards to the first, you should consult a real estate professional familiar with what buyers look for in your neighborhood. It could be things like a finished basement, a swimming pool in the backyard, a mother-in-law suite, or just new carpet. Figure out what your home is lacking and have it put in. This is also where you want to find out what dealbreakers might be present in your home, and do the corrective home improvement that addresses the issues.

In terms of the second, look over the comps and price aggressively. It might mean that you don’t get as much as you could, but if you’re looking to sell fast, you have to lure buyers with something. Hopefully, you’ll get a bidding war to save your money yet still sell fast.

When the SHTF in 2017: How Far Is Homestead From Orlando?

It’s that time of year again. Vacation season. One the most popular destinations for tourists all over the country is Orlando Florida. Even people in the state of Florida flock to Orlando to take in the tourist opportunities that are available there.

Florida is a relatively large state, and it’s unique shape and geography can make it a bit troublesome getting around in the state, depending on your location. For example, Homestead is located just south of Miami and is in the extreme southern part of the state. If you’re traveling from Homestead to Orlando, it will take you about 4 1/2 hours to drive the entire 280-mile distance.

If you’re only visiting for a day, this means you will spend about nine hours driving to Orlando and back to Homestead, which doesn’t leave you much time to enjoy the sights in Orlando. Therefore, you probably want to make it at least a two-day trip and reserve a hotel so you don’t have to drive back the same day. This will allow you plenty of time to enjoy your trip to Disney World for example without having to worry about rushing and driving back through the night.